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tv   The Kelly File  FOXNEWSW  February 27, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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opine, if you were a student of latin, you know what this means, otherwise you have to look it up. thank you for joining us, live in new york city, and tonight... >> i thank the families for their sacrifice. >> emotions high as military families go to washington and demand answers into the deaths of navy s.e.a.l.s. plus... senator rand paul tells us why he thinks president's nominee for surgeon general is now to grab america's gun and a tough lesson for some college students. more of this can't-miss video.
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a man when crashed a campus meeting to challenge what he calls hatred of the jews. plus, big news, breaking. one family's fight to the hospital that led to their daughter being taken away. >> a gag order like permanent custody with justina pushed off. a child's life is on the line. they don't care. >> breaking tonight, showdown with russia. as a series of military maneuvers by vladimir putin's nation have world leaders on edge, welcome to the kelly file, i'm shannon bream in for megyn cell yeechl a ship believed to be equipped with surveillance gear as well as missles and antiaircraft guns a world away, the russians flex their military muscle along the
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border with ukraine. still, russia scrambled fighter jets to patrol its shared border with yuk yan. president putin put forces on alert in surprise military exercises said toin solve 100,000 russian troops. let's ask john bolton, good to see you tonight. >> glad to be with you, shannon. >> how much of this is posturing between russia and the u.s.? it seems like putin wants to signal. he has the upper hand. >> he's got the high cards and i think a lot of what is going on is going to demonstrate that. there is a side, an aspect on the military side, these preparations could turn into something more serious. i think he's telling interim
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government in ukraine they need to deal with him and no government acceptable to him is going to survive in the ukraine. >> what do you make of the war ship? >> i don't think much of it. it's an intelligence gathering ship. you should see what we do to them. my guess is that it sailed from russia long before the crisis reached this point we've got problems with russia in the western hemisphere but that ship isn't the source of it. >> i want to play a little bit what our secretary of state john kerry has had to say about this dust up. let's take a listen. >> we're hoping russia will not see this as sort of a continuation of the cold war. we don't see it that way. we do not believe this should be an east-west, russia-united states. this is not "rocky 4".
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this is pretty serious stuff. >> it's what president obama said this week he said we're not in competition with russia over ukraine. i don't see this as moving pieces around on a cold war chess board. it's true. if you think vladimir putin didn't have a strategy that involves russian interference, then you're not in the real world. when you hear leaders of the united states saying we're not going to get involved that is saying to vladimir putin you have an open field he knows it. . >> i was reading reporting from reuters they had a during the time we're cutting our military here. >> right. since the russia invasion of georgia, the russians didn't
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perform that well in georgia. the equipment they left behind we saw was pretty pathetic by our standards now, with oil revenues being what they were, russians have been able to upgrade their ballistic missle forces, they've come a long way. what they're doing now is making sure everybody in ukraine knows they've got the military side well in hand. >> all right, ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> big new developments tonight in the ongoing investigation into the benghazi terrorist attack that killed four americans. first, just hours ago republican senators blasting the administration for allegedly misleading the american people over the attacks, in order to win a presidential election. >> the american people were misled. >> the story told by susan rice
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and the president himself is collapsed. it's not credible. it's is a fabrication. it was all about a presidential campaign and narrative bin laden is dead. >> ambassador right do you have regrets on what you said on every sunday show the fact she had no greets about misleading the american people is troubling. >> the american people were badly misled. >> and the powerful chairman of the house intelligence committee threatening to recall the former acting director of the cia and his boss to answer questionable testimony. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris is live with more. >> thank you. republican allegations of the former and acting development took a significant turn today when the chairman mike rogers
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told fox news mike morell will likely be recalled to testify and investigators are recalling the testimony of his former boss, david petraeus to assess whether he should be recalled as well. >> we're looking at the transcripts and reviews and what information we have now available. and it's likely we'll have a director morel up to testify before the committee. >> immediately after the attack, petraeus rankeled some lawmakers they say he characterized benghazi as consistent with a flash mob. new testimony is likely to be public. >> i would prefer to have an open session. i think that would be, enlightening to everybody who has concerns about what happened on that september 11thth day that took the lives of our americans. >> today, three lead are republicans said there was ample intelligence there is no
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protest, citing eye witness accounts from u.s. personnel in benghazi. one senator claim says fbi refuse toing share accounts. >> he says fbi would not share the investigation because there is a criminal investigation my mouth dropped. when the meeting was over i ran back to my office i called the fbi they denied their agents ever withheld information from the cia. >> tonight morel said said welcome the chance to testify and wants his previous testimony to be declassified. so they can hear the facts of what occurred in what ch demonstrates everyone at the cia and throughout the intelligence community operated appropriately. >> catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> also developing tonight,
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senator rand paul is blocking president obama's nominee to be surgeon general saying dr. murphy is out to get americans guns. i spoke with senator paul on capitol hill. >> senator, thank you for your time today >> glad to be with you. >> i want to talk about your objection about the president's nomination for surgeon general. what does it mean? >> my concern is that the position is an important one for education, health i don't think it should be a bully pulpit for beating up on the bill of rights do we want that to be part of what the surgeon general is doing? i'm worried about someone so partisan in the surgeon general position >> and he has advocated to patients and minors about whether they have guns in the
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home he thinks gun violence is a public health epidemic. and doctors should be on the front lines. >> i find it objectionable to be talking to my son or daughter without me present. i find the idea of a nanny state, a big government coming into the doctor child, you know, i think that is really inappropriate. it's also just inappropriate. think of what surgeon generals have done. being against smoking and obesity. that is a reasonable public health concern. but someone beating up on the bill of rights? he is a basher of the bill of rights saying we shouldn't be allowed to own certain guns and buy certain type of ammunition. >> he's also very closely aligned with advocacy groups that pushed for obamacare.
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shouldn't that disqualify him? certain the president is going to pick someone who lines up with his own ideology. do you have concerns would affect his ability to do the job >> the president has to get vote of the senate for approval. we'll see how that goes. i don't think that this is a position should be political sized. you know, the second amendment is for the bill of rights if your goal is to trash the second amendment, you should be a partisan. you can be on twitter and on msnbc. but you don't need to be the surgeon general. >> we ought to have him on fox. you said it shouldn't be a political issue. senate majority leader said your hold on this particular nominee is republicans playing politics with the white house with this position. sounds like he's planning to move forward despite your hopes
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>> you won't hear a peep from me if this guy weren't already a partisan. i sit down and break bread with eric holder, okay? i'm not someone just beating up on democrats because they're democrats this is a partisan person being nominate forward a nonpartisanson. the former surgeon general has said this samantha not qualified to be surgeon general. there are people on both sides concerned about him. >> speaking of nominees, 2016, your name is out there quite a bit. is that a plus or minus this early on? it makes you a target for criticism and people want to work against a potential nomination. are you going run? >> sounds like bad luck to be a leader two years in advance. i haven't decided yet i am interested in making the republican party bigger sxhaking our message more open and
9:13 pm
inclusive to more people. i think a shrinking party dividing itself and splitting hairs over every issue is not how you get a party big enough to win with. very been traveling to places republicans haven't been and have been talking about bill of rights issues can reach out to people who have been maybe traumatized by criminal injustice. a lot of african americans in jail, i think unfairly because of the war on drugs. >> we'll keep on eye on it, if you have anything to announce we're all ears. >> coming up next, bernie goldberg on what the media got wrong in the coverage that have controversial arizona bill, plus... >> i thank the families, for their sacrifice. the, saying the largest loss of
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life. >> emotions high as military families go to washington and demand answers into the deaths of navy s.e.a.l.s. plus, real americans now hitting back against hairy reid after he suggested their obamacare complaints were a pack of lies >> i did believe the president he said i can keep it. i received a letter stating my plan was dissolving, it was crushing to me. ameriprise askede a simple question:
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new reaction tonight, arizona governor's jan brewer's decision to veto a controversial bill that would have allowed business owners to deny services if the owners could prove that providing those services would force them to violate their religious beliefs. but did the media play fair when it came to reporting the facts about what was actually in the bill? bernie goldberg is a fox news analyst, good to see you, bernie. >> hi. >> so let's talk about it. i saw the reporting everywhere and decided to read the text days ago and it didn't appear to mirror the words, there were no words about homosexuality, things of that nature. it would give the business
9:18 pm
owners certain defenses they could still have to prove in court. but what i saw on tv was nothing like the bill that i read. >> that is because tv turns this thing into a reader's digest. they compress everything so you're not going to see everything anyway. emphasizing gay rights, if that was their concern or religious freedom, if that was their concern. i'm not just the media analyst. i'm also part of the media. i wrote a piece on my website, about this proposed law. and my concern was, i understand the concern of social conservatives. but if you open a shop on the main street, then you have to serve the general public. you can't say well, i'm not going to serve these people and i will serve those people. >> why not?
9:19 pm
this is america, why would you want to do business with somebody, no matter their personal issue, why not just go down the street and say i'm going to spend my money who supports me and is kind to me and provides the services to me? >> okay, let's take that argument to its logical conclusion. let's say it's not a social conservative christian who opens the shop, but a devout muslim who opens up a restaurant in your town, wherever your town is. and the woman goes in for lunch and he says whoa, you can't come in with this restaurant, you need to be here with a man, those are my deeply held relative beliefs. >> i probably wouldn't want to eat there. >> well, that is up to you, but would you have made this argument in greensboro, north carolina, when four college black youths went to woolworth and sat at the counter where
9:20 pm
they were not wanted, and said i want lunch. they were american heroes because they didn't get up and say i'm not wanted here, i'll go somewhere else. what happened was, within a day a few more people came in, then a few more, a few more and that turned the civil rights around in large part. that is why you shouldn't just go to another place. >> there are many people who lived through the civil rights movement. i cannot speak to that, obviously, that not being my personal experience. many of them held a press conference this week, african-american pastors who said we lived through that, we felt the pain of that and for us we do not appreciate this particular fight being equated to our civil rights fight. i mean, some of them find that objectionable. >> well, that is their call, i happen to disagree with them. in the 1960s, the argument was, state's rights. we don't have to serve anybody we don't want to serve. i opened the business with my
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new problems for congressional democrats leading up to the mid-term. a new poll showing 40% of registered voters saying they would vote for a republican if the elections were held today, as opposed to 39% saying they would vote for democrats. another 32 with a favorable view, chris stirewalt is fox news digital politics editor. he joins us live.
9:25 pm
hi, chris? >> how are we doing? >> we are excellent, let's talk poll numbers, listen, you and i know, nine months away, it's a lot of months away until we vote in november. so do you think democrats are going to be scared when they see this bill? i'm sorry, the poll. >> well, it is about 35 weeks, which yes in political time it is several eras, but the contours of this race are shaping up. and i predict we'll look back on this week as the week when the realization sets in for democrats that this is for real. this is actually happening. and right now the chances of the democrats losing the senate got very real for these folks. the map is expanding, the republicans are playing in a lot more places than before. and the likelihood that democrats will be able to hold republicans to five seats is going way down. all you have to do, there is another number in that poll that is so important. when you look at obamacare, the
9:26 pm
way they ask it basically is do you think the law is great? do you want to fix it or repeal it? in the span of a month, the people who want to repeal it, it doesn't mean it will be repealed. but the more experience voters have with this law the longer it hangs out there, the less they like it. >> democrats say they're going to run on it. they say it will be a net plus for them. >> they say a lot of stuff, they're politicians, they're can't help it. harry reid can say the stories are made up, but what this tells us for the americans who don't go in ads for americans for prosperity, for americans who are not talking to the local tv station the experience with this law is causing them to sour on it. and we've not reached the magic point that the obama democrats said was out there, which was one day people will get to know
9:27 pm
the law, it is better, we'll soften. this is particularly troubling for the democrats because now we're into phase four, five, six, whatever you want to call it for the implementation of this law. it is not getting better, it is getting worse. >> political ads are often very confusing. purposely confusing. now we have ads out there from democrats saying i'm fighting to make serious changes to this bill. if you didn't know you would think it was a republican candidate running that ad. >> well, obviously the attempt here is to own the fact that the law has to be repaired. but did you hear what hillary clinton had -- had to say this week? >> i did, there is distance being placed. >> she put the blinker on, pulling out into the passing lane. what she said was we need to find out what is wrong with the law and fix it. that doesn't sound great job, on obamacare. >> and if it didn't work under
9:28 pm
her husband's presidency, then it is not called hillary care. good to see you. >> and voters are not the only ones pushing back against this administration as one of the biggest credit agencies is at issue. the latest developments in that story. plus, emotions are high as military families go to washington and demand answers for the death of the navy s.e.a.l.s. and breaking news on the family's fight to get their daughter back, she is now in pay my bill. phone: your account is already paid in full. oh, well in that case, back to vacation mode. ♪boots and pants and boots and pants♪ ♪and boots and pants and boots and pants♪ ♪and boots and pants... voice-enabled bill pay. just a tap away on the geico app. ♪ huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. yup, everybody knows that. well, did you know that some owls aren't that wise.
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great news for the family, where she is is a medical facility and foster care is not a medical facility. we're also learning that attorneys for the department of children and families in massachusetts may be willing to drop this fight and allow justina to go back to tuft's medical center. if the judge agreed to that, that would essentially mean justina would be going home. because at the very center of the case is the fact that tufts diagnosed her wit h my the disease. now the pressure is mounting. it is not just the media or the
9:33 pm
public. two republican lawmakers are now circulating a resolution that has 12 signatures asking dcf to release justina, we spoke with lou pelletier, and since a year, he is more optimistic. >> yes, this is a light at the end of the tunnel. we just want to make sure it is not a train at the end of the t tunnel. we can't let our guard down, we want to make sure we keep doing what we're doing, to make people aware, and the people who have the executive powers to do this. >> the next custody hearing is on march 17th, but as you can see the wheels of this case are moving much, much faster. >> thank you, tracy, that is good news. and raw emotions, on the single deadliest day of the war in afghanistan. a chopper crash that killed 30 american troops.
9:34 pm
still tonight, some of the families of the fallen say questions remain unanswered. here is what happened. in the early hours of august 6th, 2011, troops boarded a chinook helicopter in a mission to capture a taliban commander. shortly after, they took enemy fire, a rocket propelled grenade hitting a rotor blade and engulfing the chinook in flames. eight hours later the remains of 30 american troops including 17 navy s.e.a.l.s were identified. two and a half years later, some of the families of the s.e.a.l.s going to washington asking for answers. congressman, thank you so much for your time. what answers were you hoping to get? >> well, hopefully we provided some clarity to families who are still grieving and just want some basic answers. one of the things that was out there was this idea that upon the crash, the black box in this
9:35 pm
helicopter had somehow washed away in a flash flood. that just doesn't sound plausible, right? ends up that this chinook helicopter runs on analog instrumentation, and doesn't even have a black box, again, we provided clarity and hope to the families who want answer. >> and i want to give you a chance to clarify, there are some who say that the families were not allowed to testify, we're talking about a big group of people. why was that decision made? >> we have some who want the spectrum of privacy, didn't want to have open hearings, while others wanted to have the hearings. we said send us your questions, we'll facilitate the dialogue with the pentagon. we had classified hearings, which unfortunately only the members of congress can attend.
9:36 pm
we dealt with it as sensitive as possible and jet still tried to shed light on it. >> i want to talk about questions we heard from family members, doug landborn, whose son was killed in the crash. he wanted to know why afghans were not interviewed as part of the post-investigation. did you get answers on that today? >> i asked that specific question in the hearing of the pentagon. they didn't have a good answer on that, they agreed to get back to us. but we didn't get a clarifying answer on that point. >> all right, another point, charles strange, father of one of the soldiers killed, the call sign -- this has referred to as extortion 17. and there are many family members who publicly say they feel in some way the taliban had gotten information from somebody who leaked information and that is how they knew this particular chinook was coming. any discussion of that?
9:37 pm
>> i think it was a legitimate question. but if you look at the operation itself, it was actually a ranger team that went in first, and then the s.e.a.l. team, primarily s.e.a.l.s, there were others involved in the air force, arrest wes well. they were the backup. and when they were called into service they didn't know where they were going to go until they took off. i don't think there was an opportunity to tell the taliban, it was horrific. awful, these people going into the most dangerous places in the world. but i don't see any evidence that somehow the taliban was tipped off and they were prepared and that is why they took out this helicopter. >> to the families, many of whom were publicly speaking, they say they have gotten inconsistent stories, they have been told there were discrepancies that don't line up. do you think there is a chance to get closures, not that you can when you lose a loved one, but at least to get answers. >> well, shannon, that is why we
9:38 pm
held the hearings today. we cleared up the black box, the so-called flash flood. the part that bothered me, when the audience cheered, they're not really supposed to in a congressional hearing. but they did. when they had the ceremony and combined the caskets they combined the afghan services together. i can't imagine if my son was in one of those caskets, but i pled with the pentagon to say don't combine the services. when you have a fallen american hero, i don't want an afghan trying to bless that body or say anything, have a separate service. i think the pentagon got that message. i know that the families there agreed with the sentiment. >> we can never repay the debt, what those families have given up and those men who gave their lives. congressman, thank you for trying to help them get some answers. >> thank you, shannon. coming up, we'll look at why lawyers for one of america's biggest credit agencies are so
9:39 pm
focused on a closed door meeting between the president and his treasure secretary. plus, we have a must-see video from a student government that is at one of america's largest universities. >> pretend this is about ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ le announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal cnks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirri ] talko your doctor abt viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your hea is healthy enough for sex. dnot take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effectinclude headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medil help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. [ cellphone beeps ] this is the age of taking action.
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9:42 pm
claimants of political retaliation began surfaces from
9:43 pm
one of america's biggest credit agencies, s&p suggested doj lawsuit into their company may have begun with a closed door meeting with the president and their treasury secretary. >> it is important to note that the department of justice claims that the standard and poors in 2004 and 2005 pumped up the credit rating to help them. remember, moodies and fitch, the other two ratings agencies also gave mortgage securities good ratings and it is still very unclear why only s&p is being sued. s&p claims the white house is retaliating against it for downgrading the us credit rating back in 2011. if you don't remember here is a timeline. august 5th, 2011, s&p downgrades retary . credit rating, three
9:44 pm
tim geithner meeting with the president in the oval office. later, the president calls terry mcgraw, who owns s&p. he claims tim geithner said this that s&p had done an enormous disservice to yourself and your country. that s&p's conduct would be looked at very carefully and such behavior could not occur without a response. in response, a tim geithner spokesperson said, quoting, the allegation that secretary tim geithner took any retaliation against s&p is false. the department of justice says the investigation into s&p began long before the u.s. credit rating was downgraded. s&p is now asking the courts to force the obama administration to turn over all documents and recordings associated with the
9:45 pm
obam obama/tim geithner meeting as well as the tim geithner phone call. it is not clear when the judge would make a decision on those documents. >> all right, trace, thank you. cannot miss video coming out of a student government meeting at one of the largest universities in america. students at ucla held a hearing to protest their school's relationship with companies who do business with israel. and when the conservative activist ben shapiro found out about the conservative activism voices were there, he dropped out to make sure the other side was presented, as well. >> i got out of that and left my 1 month-old baby here when i saw what was going on. i have never been more ashamed to be an alumnis of this university. pretend this is about peace, anything but violence, despicable jew hatred is a lie. >> and shapiro is the senior
9:46 pm
editor at large, and editor and co-host of truth, founder. ben, good to see you. yeah, you sounded pretty motivated to literally drop everything and get over there. what was your concern about what was going on? >> i started getting text messages from jewish students at the meeting asking for people to pray for israel. i saw what was going on, slandering israel, this was clearly an anti-semitic effort. we safe it at other california schools, i tried to determine if it was an open hearing and if anybody could speak. i turned to my wife and said sweetheart, i need you to take care of the baby for a while. got over to ucla and basically laid out what is a very clear
9:47 pm
moral narrative. unfortunately, the divestment effort from israel is obviously, and indisputably, an anti-jewish effort. to single israel out as the source of the problems in the middle east, to single them out, where gays are routinely hung in iran, where women are not allowed to get an education, where all the surrounding countries, it is an absurd statement. and a moral reversal. as my friend says, unfortunately at america's major universities, there is a surplus of knowledge and a lack of wisdom. >> why do you think there is focus on this? there are countries that do things that we find objectionable, and don't have the freedoms we are very privileged to enjoy here, to have discussions, to drive, to get an education, as a woman to do all sorts of things. why do you think on college
9:48 pm
campuses there is a trend of talking about divestiture, specifically with israel and not those other countries. >> because jew hatred is still the last politically correct hatred in america. and really, you can really determine where somebody stands on the fundamental base of freedom, on where they stand with israel. if they believe that all cultures are not inherently equal, then they stand against israel, the truth is if you went to most major american campuses and attempted to pass a divest from america issue, my guess is you would probably get the same response from the same people. >> i understand there were people upset in the room when the final vote came in and they decided against the divestiture move. >> yeah, there were people crying, one video of a woman who was crying almost
9:49 pm
uncontrollably. there are people making fun of this particular woman. i wish there were that level of passion on the side of protecting western civilization and values as they were on attacking western civilization and values, until we reach that level, we won't reach what makes america so real and wonderful. >> well, i'm glad all sides were represented and a very robust conversation was had. thank you, so much ben. >> all right, he was only 26 years old when he gave his life for his country. now, his widow has a message for us and the country on what to do for afghanistan. she joins us, plus? tonight on hannity. >> you don't want to actually when the rubber meets the road, you don't want to help. >> when the rubber meets the go long, look lean, in this season's most important fashion trend, the long shirt. designed to flatter, with playful hemlines and length for everybody.
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the new long shirt. visit the shirt boutique, only at chico's and
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this week, the u.s. announced it is considering withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of this year. my next guest feels like that would be a big mistake, not only endangering our national security but to her, it is appalling. because she knows all too well the sacrifices the americans have made in the last war. in 2011, she lost her husband, specialist christopher horton, in his first deployment, he was just 26 years old. jane horton joins us, jane, i want to say there is no way we can understand the debt that you and your husband and others have paid, so we thank you for your
9:54 pm
service, arrest w -- as well. >> thank you. >> what are your concerns now about us leaving? >> it seems like it was in place, this plan, withdrawing the troops, all the investments that the american people have made in the country continue -- it seems that there is a problem with that and there needs to be a plan in place so that when we leave none of these sacrifices, all the service members that were wounded, that were killed, that deployed. that all of their are sacrifices are not in vain. >> what was your reaction, because you heard the u.s. is having a hard time with president karzai who will soon be replaced with new elections. they have been trying to have a drawdown, what was your thought when you heard we would make the
9:55 pm
move? >> i was honestly pretty heartbroken, pretty upset. so many people have sacrificed, and so many people have been broken in the 12-plus years. and i understand the american people are sick of the wars and want them to end. but we have to be responsible americans and people and we have to finish the wars instead of just ending them. >> how are you doing now, your loved ones, his family, as well? >> you know, we're doing okay. each day we have a duty to make sure we give everything for this country. because our loved ones, and my husband gave everything to sacrifice for this country, as well. so it is very important for me to make sure we do everything to preserve the freedoms that he gave everything for. >> and what would be your message tonight to the president about what he is considering? >> i think we learned a very, very important lesson in iraq. you can't just pull out of a war without leaving troops behind to make sure that all the gains we made are still in place and that they continue to make sure that
9:56 pm
the afghans and afghanistan is a safe country. we went over to afghanistan because there is terror in this world and al-qaeda threatened america. we need to make sure that we continue to provide afghanistan with stability. that the fragile afghanistan forces continue to have our support so that they can continue to secure the country on their home front in afghanistan. >> jane, again, we thank you for all that you have shared with this country, thank you. >> thank you. >> we' [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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if you missed my interview with senator rand paul you can catch it on facebook at okokoko" thank you. i'm shannon bream, this is "the kelly file". welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed edition of the show. america, are you ready? let's roll. >> we are now at a constitutional tipping point in our system. >> a liberal professor tells us why he has turned on the president. >> we have the rise of an uber-presidency. there could be no greater dan r danger. >> the planet has a fever. >> what a founding member of greenpeace says about global warming. >> there is misinformation and fear. >> and he is here


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